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Feb 25, 2023 · Albania Itinerary: 2 Weeks to Explore the Highlights of the Country.

Night +78 °F. .

Chillier weather also brings snow to the mountains, and most travelers who visit Albania in February come for the skiing.


7°F) and 10. Albania: Climate & Weather. 3°F).

The weather in Albania in January is very cold with temperatures between 37°F and 50°F, warm clothes are a must.

9°F (13. 4°C (32. Winter (December through February) Weather is too cold this time of year in Albania to be enjoyable for warm weather travelers.

Climate zone classifications are derived from the Köppen-Geiger climate classification system, which divides climates into five main climate groups divided. 7°C (51.


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Temperature of water and air, precipitation, amount of days with rain and advice on the best time to visit Fier. 7°C) at night.

The weather is better from the previous month since in. .


. On March 14. Day +87 °F.

The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Sarandë in February is 3. Jan 6, 2023 · February is winter in Albania, and while that brings cold weather to the mountains, lower-lying and coastal areas are pretty mild. . 9 days. Extended weather forecast in Manila.

The hot season lasts for 2.

5°C, with exceptional possible peaks as low as -1°C and high as 29°C as observed in previous years. Tirana Weather February Averages, Albania.

15 days.

Tirana – 2 nights.

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Detailed Manila Weather Forecast for February 2023 – day/night temperatures, precipitations – World-Weather.

Temperature 7 °C 45 °F; High Temperature 11 °C 52 °F;.